About Sundog Vegetables

Sundog Vegetables is a small-scale organic farm in North Saanich, BC, started with the goal of organically growing high-quality produce for local markets. The 2014 season will be our 4th growing season. We started out on a 1 acre lot surrounded by hundreds of acres of conventional blueberries in Delta, BC, in February 2011.  In spring of 2012 we were invited to share 3 acres of wonderfully rich peaty soil in Cloverdale (Surrey, BC) at Clover Valley Organic Farm, which has been growing organically since 1979.  After two growing seasons, we moved our farm operations to North Saanich on Vancouver Island (yes, this included taking our ducks and chickens on the ferry).  We are currently renting 2.5 acres of land that has not been farmed for a decade or so, with beautiful Garry oaks, a small pond, and about 30 fruit trees.

Sundog Vegetables is our attempt to see if we can make a living from farming. Adam, a former science teacher, focuses on growing vegetables, and Sam, an astrophysicist (no, really) is raising the heritage-breed chickens and ducks that give us tasty eggs while also performing valuable weeding, pest management, and fertilizing services. Sylvia plays in the dirt, watches the animals, samples the vegetables, and ensures that we can’t work TOO much. In addition to vegetables we usually also have a few rows of “experimental” crops, like quinoa, field corn, small grains, and drying beans, which we grow for the learning experience, rather than market.

Sundog, though not certified as organic, uses organic methods and we welcome inquiries about farming practices. Our own farming philosophy has been informed by permaculture principles and Masanobu Fukuoka’s “natural farming” ideas, and practices have developed from studying Eliot Coleman’s New Organic Gardener and through guidance from local organic farmers. Adam learned the practice of vegetable farming at the UBC Farm as a volunteer, and at Glen Valley Organic Farm as an apprentice.

We will be selling from our farm and through a small CSA this season which is always accepting new subscribers, and we may sell at one of the local farmer’s markets.


3 Responses to About Sundog Vegetables

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  2. Sandy says:

    Why no organic certification if you seem to be following an organic regimen? I have to support both organic/non gmo and local not just for my health but the world around. Your in my backyard essentially which is nice of course, thanks for any and all information


    • We’re not seeking organic certification both because it costs a lot of money, and because we are farming on rented land. The process takes at least 2 growing seasons, and at this point we’re not sure how long we’ll be here. Organic certification is great for consumers to know exactly what they are getting, but because we sell directly to our customers (with no middleman such as a grocery store), customers are welcome to visit the farm, see our farming practices in action, and ask us questions directly. For our current farm setup, we think that will work well enough (hopefully!)

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